• me: halloween is coming soon
  • mom: it's july
  • me: 
  • me: halloween is coming soon


Zach Braff vs. The Rock [@zachbraff]


Zach Braff vs. The Rock [@zachbraff]


Clueless & Psych

BTS Dark and Wild Album Tracklist 


  1. No Jams - Rap Monster ft. Jimin (An emotional rap about how hard it is seeing your best friend live with no jams)
  2. Arms, Abs, Thighs - Jimin ft. Jungkook (A tribute to Taeyang sunbaenim, Jimin’s one and only)
  3. Dirty Water on my Faceu - J hope (Solo rap about how done he is with America)
  4. Too Young to Die, Too Pretty to Cry - Jungkook (A soft ballad of some of Jungkook’s most emotional moments in America, including the loss of his iron man sock)
  5. I Don’t Give a Shit, $wag - Suga (Cypher about how he just doesn’t care)
  6. Turn Up - V (Electro dance pop track inspired by “Coolio hyung’s two antennae on his head”, as said by Taehyung himself. “He really inspired me to get closer to my inner alien”)

Comes with a BONUS dvd:

  • Princess to Pimp (A documentary of how a 22 year old housewife made his debut in an American music video with his pet horse)

95 line ft. typical min suga

psych challenge[1/5] characters - shawn spencer

"ladies and gentlemen, i will be your narrator. my name is aurora borealis! there are over four hundred stars in our galaxy, maybe more. no one knows for sure. many have said the universe is even larger than the indian ocean. that is why it is called infinitum staroctopusium. ah yes, our glorious constellations, take a look. over here we have one with a guy holding some sort of thing. over here, our beloved olympic rings, all seven of them. and here’s one with a fish."


I can’t stop making these.